SC AFL-CIO at Columbia Women's Day of Action/Stand Up Rally

More than a thousand protestors participated in the post-inaugural Women's Day of Action Rally which was combined with the Progressive Network's Stand Up Rally in Columbia(1-21-17).  

The list of speakers included Leonard Riley with the ILA Local 1422 out of Charleston.  The Longshoremen were well-represented at the event.  Some of the union members included representatives of SMART, CWA, IATSE, ARA, NNU and NWU.  

One of the breakout sessions following an organizing summit was focused on labor.

Marchers with the Women's Day of Action began at the Statehouse but quickly moved to a nearby concert venue to avoid the pouring rain.  The Music Farm concert hall was filled to capacity with hundreds more lining the street waiting to get in.  

News sources indicated that the protests nationwide were probably the largest ever in US history.