Labor Aids Poor People Rally at SC Statehouse, 16 People Arrested for Blocking Street

More than a dozen members of International Longshoremen(ILA) Local 1422 including SC AFL-CIO VP Charles Brave, Jr. drove from Charleston to Columbia to help launch the SC Poor People Campaign, part of a national campaign launched in at least 35 states.  The National Writer's Union was also represented by a number of members from the Columbia area.  

Following a rally in front of the Statehouse attended by approximately 60 people, 16 protestors were arrested for blocking a street next to the Statehouse while chanting "No Justice, No Peace," a chant led by ILA members. The arrests were peaceful and no protestors were harmed.  Organizers said they had met with city police officials the previous week to assure that no one would be hurt.  

The 2018 Poor People Campaign calls for an increase in salaries and healthcare nationwide and draws attention to state elections nationwide, including the June 12th Primary Election in South Carolina.  

The SC Poor People Campaign will consist of 5 more Monday afternoon rallies, including one(the 5th one) which will focus on labor and education issues.