Columbia CLC/SC AFL-CIO Lead May Day Protest for Immigrants Rights

Around a dozen protestors carried signs reading "Immigrants Built this Country," "Deport Trump Not Immigrants," etc. during a lunchtime protest May 1st, International Workers' Day.  Some signs were in Spanish with statements like "You Are Not Alone."  The event was held in front of Encore Boats, a Lexington County manufacturer who terminated 21 employees after the workers participated in the Immigrants No-Show Day Feb. 16th.  Those 21 were among only a hundred who were fired nationwide following the event.  

The event was Co-Sponsored by a number of groups including the Columbia Central Labor Council, SC AFL-CIO, SC Progressive Network, Our Revolution(a Bernie Sanders grassroots movement), Columbia Indivisible,  Grassroots Alliance for Immigrants Rights and Food Chain Workers. 

Columbia Central Labor Council Sec.-Treas. William Christopher told TV reporters on the scene, "It's not likely that a business terminated more than 20% of its skilled workforce just because they wanted to make a political statement.  This is a direct result of the Trump Administration creating an environment of hostility across the country, using immigrants as a target, and putting unfair pressure on not only the workers but also small and medium-sized businesses where they work.  Giving them citizenship would raise wages and generate more income in local communities, and would also bring in a tremendous amount of state and federal income tax.  Trump said that immigrants are a drain on America. But the fact is, they generate around $12 billion every year in sales, excise and property taxes.  Actually Trump is the main drain on America."