Becker: The Trump Administration Has Given Up on American Workers

Craig Becker, AFL-CIO General Counsel, writes in the Washington Post:

“I am your voice” — that’s what Donald Trump promised American workers at the Republican National Convention last July. Yet this month, the Trump administration took an unprecedented step toward quelling the voices of workers.

In an extraordinary about-face, the solicitor general’s office informed the Supreme Court that the United States had switched sides—from affirming employee rights to defending employer authority—in three pending cases.

The question in each case is whether employers can force workers to contract away their rights to collectively mount legal challenges against workplace abuses. Under such contracts, employees lose the right to sue in court and can only bring individual claims in arbitration. They are not entitled to act in concert to assert common rights—such as earning a minimum wage, being free from discrimination or securing re-employment after military service.

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